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Our diet supplies the nutrients necessary for our body’s health – both physically and mentally. What we put on our plates is the building blocks for our overall health. Vitamin deficiencies can present as depression and cause mood swings, agitation and anxiety as well as numerous physical problems – and exacerbate symptoms for those who are already experiencing mental health and addiction issues.

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Physical activity is recognized as a key element in building and maintaining our emotional and mental health. Exercise has been proven to help reduce depression and anxiety; even five minutes of aerobic activity can stimulate anti-anxiety effects. Alterations in our mood, including tension, fatigue and anger are all positively affected by exercise. Other positive effects include a boost in self-esteem, an increased ability to think, reason and an improvement in memory.

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We all know the benefits of a healthy lifestyle. Unfortunately for those dealing with mental health concerns and addictions issues, as well as chronic illnesses like diabetes, each day is a challenge. Healthy lifestyle practices contribute to our quality of life and assists in improving our ability to cope with everyday stress.